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Ian WatsonIan was born in Scotland in 1942. At the age of twenty, he began his business career in stockbroking in Canada. He gained experience with two firms there before moving to London where he became a member of the five-man Executive Committee of Burns Fry.
In 1980, Ian met the well-known British investor Jim Slater. In 1982 they agreed to take on the development of a gold mining company which owned the Montanna Tunnels deposit. Three years later the company, Centennial Minerals, was successfully sold to Pegasus at a substantial profit.
Between 1985 and 2002, Ian Watson’s trusts along with Jim Slater invested in several different business ventures including satellite broadcasting, oil, timeshare salmon fishing and a commodity brokerage. Ian also invested in a telephony business in France, the USA, Mexico and the Caribbean.
Ian and Jim Slater founded Galahad Gold in 2003 to take advantage of the commodities boom. During the next four years, Galahad made profits averaging 66% per annum from its investments in gold, copper, molybdenum and uranium mining companies.
In 2008, Ian and Jim Slater founded Agrifirma Brazil (now Genagro) to invest in agricultural land in Brazil believing the country to be positioned to produce high quality foodstuffs in an ideal environment for agriculture.
In August 2009, Ian invested in Skygold Ventures (now Spanish Mountain Gold) in British Columbia, Canada. Ian and his family trust have acquired a 11.19% shareholding. In March 2011 he was appointed Chairman of Spanish Mountain Gold.
In the past Ian has held the position of Chairman of both the Global Board of The Hunger Project and The Institute of Noetic Sciences. In 2009 he became Chairman of PYE Global (Partnership for Youth).
In January 2013 Ian joined the board of The Sutton Trust.
Ian is Executive Producer of a documentary on Forgiveness.
Ian continues to seek investment opportunities and spends his time with his wife, Victoria, between British Columbia, Canada, and London. Ian and Victoria have one daughter, Lucinda. They intend to return to live in Canada in a few years time.

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