Exercise and Meditation

I exercise for about an hour every morning, including running or a stationary bike, together with some yoga. I once ran the London Marathon. When I reached the 18th mile, I was flagging badly. Fortunately, some kind soul had placed a CD player outside a pub with the theme music from Chariots of Fire. This started me up again and spurred me on to finish the 26 ¼ mile course in 3 hours and 28 minutes. 

When I ran every day, I found that it made me feel fresh and ready for work, and it was also meditative. In particular, I found an early morning run very helpful to acclimatise me when travelling overseas.

After I stopped running every day, I decided to create a regular time for mediation after attending a TM course. I meditate every day for twenty minutes, usually at 11am. My business colleagues are now used to me doing this, so I am rarely interrupted. I sit in my chair with my hands on my lap, close my eyes and repeat silently a mantra which helps me to move away from thinking about anything else. Thoughts do, of course, intrude but I have learned to take no notice of them and let them drift away. Time takes on a different dimension, sometimes it passes very quickly and I find it hard to believe I have been sitting there for twenty minutes, and at other times, it seems as if I have been sitting there for hours. However, meditation always refreshes and centres me.